PLEASE NOTE - We do not remove acrylics, hard gel, dip powder/SNS or any other type of nail enhancement that wasn't applied at Doll Parts (excluding gel polish/BIAB).

Product is safely removed, nai...
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Gel Manicure

All of our manicures include thorough prep and cuticle work. Includes a thin layer of soft builder gel, your gel colour of choice, durable top coat and nourishing cuticle oil.

This service does not...
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Gel Manicure (+ Removal)

Removal and reapplication of gel polish.

This service only includes gel polish removal. If you have any other product on your nails (Gel-X, hard gel, acrylic etc), please ensure to book the correct...
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Builder Gel (BIAB) Overlay

A builder gel (BIAB) overlay is a layer of strong, structured gel, designed to add strength, structure and support to your natural nails!

This service does not include removal.

Builder Gel (BIAB) Infill

Infill existing BIAB done at Doll Parts.

Please note that we only infill work done at Doll Parts, if you have BIAB from elsewhere please book for removal and reapplication.

Gel-X Extensions

Gel-X Extensions (+ Removal)

Removal and reapplication of Gel-X Extensions.

This service only includes removal of product applied at Doll Parts.

Other Nail Services

Lashes / Brows

IMPORTANT - All clients, old and new, will need a patch test at least 48 hours before any lash or brow treatment (excluding express brow shape). Please pop into the salon for your patch test at least ... Show more

Classic Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

Tooth Gems

IMPORTANT - Please read before booking.

Please message ahead to reserve Gold or White Gold tooth jewellery. We keep a small selection of pieces in stock, however can't guarantee we will have your ...
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